Reasons to go to Reasons to be Creative

This year we send our two man crew to Brighton's Reasons to be Creative to meet and investigate the best in art, design and inspiration.

If you happen to be there and would like to meet the people that brought you the Wall Of Tweets and a few other UX blockbusters, track down Antun, our creative director, or Dean, our visual designer. They are open to new experiences. We know you will find something to talk about. If all else fails, try UX.

Check our website to see what they look like and give them a scare, opening your conversation with “Antun/Dean, long time no see…” just to enjoy the puzzled look on their faces. Then tell them we sent you.

Reasons to be Creative (Photo by: Marc Thiele)
Reasons to be Creative (Photo by: Marc Thiele)

Less adventurous approach to Antun and Dean would be finding them at “Going to War Over UX” with Evgenia (Jenny) Grinblo. Jenny will talk about UX Passion’s favourite topic, UX, empathy and design-thinking, so they are sure not to miss that. Next venue on their agenda would probably be Grant Skinner’s talk about “Fun, Failure, and Forging Ahead“. Grant is an internationally recognized expert of interactive development, whose workspans experimental interaction, applications, games, websites, installations, embedded devices, and mobile. We hear his talk is going to be a biopic. Been waiting our whole life to hear a story of someone else’s life. Heh. We kid. We love Grant’s work.

You might see them in the audience of Brad Frost’s Death to Bullshit, in some design shops, pubs, museums and at some music gigs as well. To be honest, even we cannot predict where you might run across them, with a program as full as the one on Reasons to be Creative. 35+ speakers is a lot to take in in 3 days. But they are going to try, same way you are.

Design is messy
Design is messy (Photo by: Marc Thiele)

Enjoy phenomenal line up, find inspiration, learn about emerging trends and technologies and meet your art, design and code peers. In case you are not familiar with conference, head on their website to find out more information.

You don’t need a reason. See you there!

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