Oslo, Norway. Mission: “Making Web” Team: UX Passion

We are sending our team to Making Web conference this week. Basically a conference for doers, and those who need to know what doers do.

David, Luka, Jan, Mislav and Mladen, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to go up to Oslo and check out the MakingWeb conference. It is a gathering of Frontend and Web design experts and enthusiasts. Mingle, learn, steal secrets and buy drinks.”

“Your airline tickets gentlemen. Your target? Jeffrey Zeldman. Make sure to be at his keynote.” – Vibor added.

Traveling around - Photo copyright: Jose? Marti?n
Traveling around (Photo by: Jose? Marti?n)

Jeffrey Zeldman aka “King of Web Standards”, founder and chairman of Happy Cog™, a high-end design studio with offices in Philadelphia, Austin, and New York, publisher of A List Apart Magazine “for people who make websites” since 1998. He has written Designing With Web Standards, currently in a 3rd Edition coauthored with Ethan Marcotte. It has been translated into 15 languages and is credited with converting the web design industry from tag soup and Flash to semantics and accessibility.

In 2012, Jeff Zeldman was the first human inducted in the SXSW Interactive Hall of Fame. Godlike in his omnipresence and influence, Jeffrey will pass his ten commandments of web design: “Thou shalt ship. Thou shalt iterate. Love thy reader as thyself. Like their biblical predecessors, the ten commandments of modern web design can inspire us to be and do better. Learn to think noncanonically about responsive layouts, to avoid bearing false visual witness, to keep the content holy, and more.”

Jeffrey Zeldman - Photo copyright: Geri Coady
Jeffrey Zeldman (Photo by: Geri Coady)

If you happen to see our operatives while in Oslo, on a mission of your own, looking for inspiration and cutting-edge knowledge of front-end and web design, do not hesitate to engage. They are unarmed, friendly and extremely communicative. They might offer you a drink, or tell a developer joke. Can’t make sure it will be any good.

At MakingWeb, participants with diverse backgrounds expand their knowledge together with the best in the industry and are at the same time able to build new networks in a pleasant social environment. MakingWeb will focus mainly on the tools, workflow and trends of the trade, and to a lesser extent business strategy.

Basically a conference for doers, and those who need to know what doers do.

So do come over and say hello.

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