UX Passion at the First MobX Conference in Berlin

MobX is Europe's brand new conference dedicated to designing exquisite experiences for mobile devices.

The MobX conference was held for the first time on 17 and 18 November 2011 in Berlin, Germany. It has already been dubbed “your premier annual conference for Mobile User Experience, small screen interaction design and usable interfaces on smart devices”.

This ambitious tagline was matched by the line-up of speakers. From Dan Saffer and Karen McGrane to Oliver Reichenstein, Darryl Friedman and others, MobX offered two full days of workshops and events.

MobX Conference
MobX Conference

The first day was filled with workshops, the majority of which were sold out well before the deadline. Topics covered perennially interesting topics such as designing for touch, mobile experience prototyping and content strategy.

The second day was a typical conference day with presentation topics including design for micro experiences, multi-device user experiences and the interesting field of managing attention and distraction in mobile user interfaces.

Darko Cengija, Chief Information Architect at UX Passion was keen to share his experiences:

Mobile experiences and mobile information architecture are a different world from desktop. The sheer number of form factors and operating systems alone present a considerable challenge. The chance to share our experiences with fellow UXers from all over the Europe was very valuable. It remains to be seen how the MobX conference will evolve in future, but we do need a conference of this kind!

If you are interested, more information about the MobX Conference is available on their official website, and you can read more about Darko’s impressons and experiences from MobX on the UX Passion blog.

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