Dubrovnik welcomes New Europe Media Market

This year Dubrovnik will become a navel of the media professional world, due to the NEM happening between 8th and 11th of May.

In those 4 days, 77 panelists and moderators, as well as many TV professionals, producers, marketing agency people, IPTV service providers, cable distributors and other professionals will analyze the current state of television and related industries, try to predict future trends and just talk about all things media.

New Europe Media Market (Photo by: tportal.hr)
New Europe Media Market (Photo by: tportal.hr)

Our own CEO, Vibor Cipan will be there, mixing business with pleasure, rubbing shoulders with the movers and the shakers and keeping an eye on our social media Wall. Yup, for the first time ever, ladies and gentlemen, we will combine feeds from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram creating an out of this world social media experience. Join us! Tweet with #NEM2013 and enjoy Dubrovnik.

(Yes, Game of Thrones was shot here too.)

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