UX, web design and web development news: Jun 27 – Jul 3

Web design, UX design and web development news that have marked the past week (June 27 - Jul 3) - collected and curated for you by UX Passion team. Our third edition is up and ready - we hope you'll enjoy it!

Our third weekly web design news is here. As always, we tried to gather some interesting posts from around the web and we hope that you’ll find them useful and interesting. We also hope that you are finding ways to enjoy summer (if you live on a Northern hemisphere) or have fun during winter if you are south of equator.

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Your weekly overview of UX, web design and web development news

Interesting week behind us – so in case you missed it – here’s your chance to catch-up with UX, web design and web development news.

We often find ourselves thinking about the future of user experience and user interface design. Kyle Vanhemert from Wired magazine did the same and asked if future of UI design lies in old-school text messages?

While we are pondering future, guys from Quartz magazine say that the next design trend is the one which will eliminate all choices. It relies on a concept called anticipatory design. It all started back in 2004 when Barry Schwartz, psychologist wrote The Paradox of Choice – a manifesto outlining the paralysis and dissatisfaction we feel when we are presented with too many choices. Interesting read!

And it seems that for the most of this past week we were thinking about the future – and so we shared an interesting read from Envato and their thinking about the future of Adobe Fireworks.

Deezeen magazine suggested that “rules are for those who don’t otherwise know how to design, while Andrew (or Norcross as most people know him) wrote an interesting piece about ever-important question of developers and designers working together.

And finally, we shared our own article about the ROI of UX (return of investment on user experience).

So, go ahead, take a read and we’ll be back on next Friday, July 10th with more interesting news and bits for you. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@UXPassion) and like as on our UX Passion Facebook page.

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