UX, web design and web development news: Jun 15 – Jun 21

Web design, UX design and web development news that have marked the past week (June 15 - Jun 21) - collected and curated for you by UX Passion team. This is our very first edition.

This is our first weekly digest – we search the web for interesting news and post them here. So, if you are looking for UX (user experience), web design and web development news on a single place, every week, you’ve come to the right place.

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Your weekly overview of UX, web design and web development news

This, our first weekly review we are giving you some of the web’s best podcasts for UX and UI designers. We are also sharing resources about the so called “dribbblisation of design”. Some brands are using analytics to deliver even more innovative content experiences so we decided to share some of their ideas as well. Also, we’ve found 5 browser extensions that help make web less ugly.

One of the topics we love to cover are startups – some of them, unfortunately, fail – and we’ve found website gathering all of them and listing the reasons for their failure. As a team, we also have some of our team members working remotely and we found a good article about boosting remote team’s productivity. Also, one of the frequently asked questions we get is how to start your UX career. Good people from TNW have answers to that question and we are sharing it here.

Our own Darko wrote a good article about how to tell clients they are wrong and keep their business. Highly recomended reading!

And, finally, EcmaScript 6 is now a standard. So, go ahead and enjoy this week’s UX Passion digest.

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