UX design is what we do and love!

As a company with both “passion” and “UX” in our name, it should be pretty clear what our core business is. We wanted to talk about it.

However, being a company that produced Wall of Tweets, a world-known and accepted product, causes some confusion with our clients about what do we really do.

This post stemmed out of a recent conversation with a client who knows our work, and us, yet still had questions about what is our company’s primary focus.

UX Design is what we do and love!
UX Design is what we do and love!

Let us state this clearly, for future reference. We are a user experience design firm. We design and develop websites, web apps, design all sorts of user interfaces (UI design), perform wide range of usability services and testing on all major platforms, web and mobile. We take great pride in our work, from strategic thinking to visual design solutions, information architecture and interaction designs.

Wall of Tweets was a pet project that grew up to be used by hundreds of customers all over the world. It is just a small portion of what we do, bringing only 10-15% of our total revenues. We have allocated resources to keep it alive and let it grow. Some new products are planned for the future. It is a great part of our identity, but equaling UX Passion with Wall of Tweets is completely wrong. We are so much more.

All of our services, nicely listed here take up most of our time and resources. Things like website design and development, usability testing and research and mobile apps design. We teach people usability, product design and strategy principles at our in-house workshops.

Our business model, being service AND product oriented company gives us the best of both worlds. We get to deliver full-service solutions AND have sensibility needed to tackle development challenges. Users and their experiences are firmly set in the core of it all. UX is a passion to us.

Looking for UX Design agency? Get in touch with us!
Looking for UX Design agency? Get in touch with us!

So, if you are looking for team of interface design and user experience experts to build or design your next website, create stunning infographics and visual communication, craft and design user interface for your next great app – look no further. It took us 4 long business years to get where we are and we are not going anywhere.

We are here to fix any and every UX issue you might have, till the last pixelated beat of our pixelated heart…

* If there are any other questions about our services and work, please, just ask.

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