UX Passion is hiring a front-end developer

We are hiring! Looking for a Front-End Developer (m/f)

The UX Passion team is ready to grow yet again and this time we are looking for a front-end developer to join our team in Zagreb. Think you've got what it takes? Reach out to us and let's find out together!

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CEO on support: An ultimate business reality check

CEO on support: A greatest reality check

Putting your CEO on support - to answer emails and calls - is the ultimate reality and business sanity check. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from your customers, who are the lifeline of both your brand and your business.

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The business value of UX Design

The business value of User Experience (UX) Design

The importance of user experience and designing it correctly has been gaining more attention from the companies who aim to keep their users happy. In this article, we explain why investing into UX is crucial for your business.

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How to tell clients they are wrong

How to tell clients they are wrong and keep their business

If you work in the service industry and thus have to deal with clients or customers, this question has crossed your mind. I’ve personally been in situations where what the client was asking didn’t really make any sense.

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What Entrepreneurship (Re)Taught Me

My life has changed dramatically since I co-founded this company, but time has come and I made probably the biggest decision in my career so far: to leave UX Passion, where I served as Creative Director.

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UX Passion portfolio update

UX Passion portfolio update: Spring 2014

It’s that time of year when we share with you a selection of our works from the previous several months. Again, this is not our new clothing line.

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Giving back to the things we care about

Kickstarter: Giving back to the things we care about

We are not here just to create stuff. From time to time we like to give back to the community, to people and to the world around us.

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New UX Passion Office!

We are ready to set the studio on fire!

Two months ago, we moved to a new playground space. From 90m2 to 180m2. From 3 rooms to 6 rooms. From an apartment to a house.

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Pumpkin hacking your business

What's common with pumpkin hacking and business

Pumpkin hacking is a term originating from agriculture. Well, maybe not directly from agriculture but rather from agrogeeks.

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