We’ll Be at the GSMA World Mobile Congress

We'll be peeking at future technologies in the industry that is redefining the way we live, and our own work will be on show.

At UX Passion we take huge pride in our extensive experience in envisioning, designing and delivering mobile solutions and amazing user experiences for mobile devices since we started out in 2009. Be it Android, iOS, Windows Phone or “feature phone” devices, we’ve been shaping the mobile user experience landscape for years now.

While working with major carriers such as Vodafone, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, SFR, MetroPCS and others, we’ve been able to touch, influence and inspire people all over the world with our user interfaces and wonderfully-designed user experiences.

The mobile industry is much more than calls and messaging – it’s a driving force set to transform our world, our experiences and our habits in a way that has never been seen before. It’s not an exaggeration to say that a revolution is taking place in the way we communicate, share, learn, entertain and do business.

Triumph Arch, Barcelona, Spain
Triumph Arch, Barcelona, Spain

As the organisers say themselves, the Mobile World Congress is the global epicentre of this redefinition of the way we live, since Congress participants are those who are enabling, leading and accelerating it.

UX Passion’s CEO Vibor Cipan will join the Mobile World Congress 2012, which will be held between 27 February and 1 March at Fira Montjuïc in Barcelona, Spain.

But that’s not all: some of the major carriers we’ve mentioned will be showcasing applications and services designed by the UX Passion team.

Antun Debak, Creative Director at UX Passion said:

It’s an honour to have our work showcased by the major players at the Mobile World Congress. For me, personally, working on visual designs for smartphone and tablet apps remains one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences.

If you are interested in discussing what UX Passion can do for you in the global mobile arena, let’s get in touch, meet in Barcelona, share our experiences and see how we can help you connect with your customers, design and deliver attractive and professional mobile applications, improve your services and applications, and increase your profitability and brand visibility.

To get in touch, send an email to [email protected].

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