A wallpaper pack for your desktop & mobile.

Valentine's day is all about sharing with those you care about, and that's why this year we decided to create something beautiful for our readers.

Love it or hate it, you can’t avoid it.

Valentine’s day is here yet again, and while some of us will take a pause and wonder where the heck does the time go (Wasn’t it New Year’s just moments ago? How are we crossing the middle of February already?), others are hastily buying those last moment presents for their significant others.

Maybe you are in the grumpy camp and angrily shaking your fist at everything red, pink or remotely romantic. We get it, it happens. Hang in there!

Let us cheer you up with a gift

This year, the UX Passion team wanted to do something different for our readers. We wanted to do more than simply tweet or post a beautiful graphic on Facebook. This year – we wanted to create a gift for you. We wanted it to be usable and beautiful.

Our Social Media Manager thought everyone could use a nice looking wallpaper in their lives and our designer Hrvoje came up with what we think is a perfect wallpaper not just for today but for any day of the year!

It’s sleek and modern, yet retro-cool and topical. We made sure it looks great as a background image and a screen saver on any mobile phone, as well as a wallpaper for your computer or a tablet.

Below you will find download links for three versions of the wallpaper. Full HD, WQHD, and a version for mobile phones and tablets. Choose the one you need and click on the link to start your download! If you decide to use our wallpaper, tweet us a photo, and we’ll be happy to spread the love by retweeting it to our followers.

Happy Valentine’s day from the entire UX Passion team!


Mobile and tablets (1920×1920)
Large screens (2560×1440)
HD (1920×1080)

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