Usability is more than a buzzword

This week Vibor is talking to a group of Adobe evangelists, web front-end developers and UI designers on the topic of usability.

Learn what types of usability testing there are, what kind of equipment is used and what does “quick and dirty” mean in the world of UX testing. Bring questions to HGK offices on Nova cesta 7 (Zagreb, Croatia), if you have any.

As we have said so many times, to us usability is not a buzzword. It is a way to resolve challenges for our clients that results in happier and more loyal consumers. Great usability leads to better profit margins. Just ask IBM, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, Vip, Verizone, RIM, Salespod and dozens of other companies that picked our brains and relied on our experience to improve their usability.

Photo by: Rayi Christian
Photo by: Rayi Christian

How do we do it? We test the hell out of interfaces, user experiences, user flow and many other nifty details most developers and designers fail to consider when building their app or service. If you have the time, join Vibor and ask him all about equipment we like to use at UX Passion. Ask him what is SUS and how to get users to test, too. Actually, ask him anything you would care to know about usability and its importance. He lives for it. He is very UX passion-ate about it. We all are, but he gets to tell you that.

If all else fails, hire us to do your usability for you. We are very good. Ask Vibor.

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