Spring 2013: UX Passion’s portfolio update

Though it might sound like a new fashion collection, we are not presenting new line of clothing (at least not now).

We are, naturally, often asked about what we do, what kind of services do we offer and can we show our work. Due to very strict, confidential and NDA-bound rules and regulations, we are not able to show many visual elements like screens, apps and wireframes, but from time to time we are able to showcase and tell the story of our customers’ success.

After all, we are here to celebrate our customers and their successes and to take pride in being a part of that entire story.

So, what’s new we’ve added to our portfolio?

Maybe you’ve heard about Score Alarm, world’s best mobile livescore app that allows you to track dozens of sports events in real time. We are the guys who are responsible for overall visual and user experience design of the application. And it’s available for both Android and iOS phones, so, you are not left out.

Spring 2013: UX Passion's portfolio update
Spring 2013: UX Passion’s portfolio update

Our usability services have been selling like cupcakes – we’ve gained tremendous experience in this arena and with clients like Deutsche Telekom, VIPnet (part of Mobilkom Austria) and IBM, we are leading usability agency. Apart from performing the usability research and testing itself, we are also helping internal teams brush up on their usability research skills by helping them organize and educate small, extremely agile task-force teams that are able to recognize, solve and identify usability issues.

Our Wall of Tweets was also a major hit around the world – from region’s largest web conference Webfest.ME to the USA Presidental Elections and 1st Presidental Debate held at University of Denver.

In total, we added about a dozen of new projects and customer success stories, so go ahead, take a look and let’s get in touch – we’d love to be a part of your next digital and design success!


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