Smashing Conference social media wall (Pulse Wall)

  1. World’s most loved and popular twitter and social media wall solution – Pulse Wall
  2. Integrated feeds from different speakers, sponsor slides and agenda
  3. Full and smart moderation system available on mobile devices
  • Client: SmashingConf is widely recognised as one the web design and dev. industry’s most influential conferences.
  • Type: Social media wall and hub
  • Industry: IT and telecom, Events and conferences


Smashing Magazine and their Smashing conference are widely recognised as the web design and development industry’s most influential web portal and conference, with speakers such as Addy Osmani, Andy Hume, Dan Rubin and Elliot Jay Stocks (to name a few). Hundreds of participants attend them every year, hoping to find relevant advice and real answers to questions from their fields of work.

We are living in the era of social media, where users and their content creation are considered to be among the driving forces.
Developing correct social strategy and knowing how to curate and share social experiences is absolutely vital.
In this case, it meant we had to create a social hub and back-channel for the Smashing conference and its media events.


We used our trusty Wall of Tweets and Pulse Wall solution to help deliver key messaging, crucial information and overall digital signage for the event.
Our large screen digital displays delivering key messaging, crucial information and overall digital signage were used for the event. Using Wall of Tweets’ Twitter wall capabilities and expanding them with Pulse Wall created a unified experience covering tweets, agenda, speaker profiles and various notices about the conference.
After the official part of the programme was complete, Wall of Tweets switched into “party mode”, only displaying information regarding the parties and chatter from people attending the parties.


As always, our Wall of Tweets and Pulse Wall set-ups were effective, useful and engaging, inspiring hundreds of users to generate thousands of tweets, countless shared experiences and fun. This focal point of communication enabled conference attendees, as well as all those following the event online, to feel the pulse of the event and share it.
Perhaps the best way to describe the happiness and satisfaction of conference organisers is the fact that our digital social media wall and hub solution is now part of every single Smashing conference event.


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