Stein Study redesign and conversion optimisation

  1. Website redesign with the goal of increasing conversion rates
  2. Simplification of user interface and elimination of inconsistencies
  3. Envisioning and implementation of long-term SEO strategy
  • Client: Stein Study provides first class, study-abroad, multiple language courses to all kinds of students.
  • Type: Website redesign, conversion optimization and SEO
  • Industry: eLearning, Education

You know when you get that feeling that something is wrong with your website that is affecting sales but you don’t know what to do? That’s when I went on a search to find a UX company that takes the time to learn your business and study the market prior to handing you designs and ideas. I would recommend you guys to everyone. Well done and it was great to work with you.

Author imageAlex Stein
CEO, Stein Study


The client has great language courses that combine learning, travelling and fun experiences in well thought out packages.
However website presentation, search engine optimisation and the entire booking process performed poorly and with less than satisfactory conversion rates.
There were numerous UI inconsistencies and in general, the user experience was below today’s standards, which reflected badly on the client’s bottom line.


After careful analysis we identified key weak points and UI inconsistencies. We started with a preliminary Google Analytics data set to get at least starting points and then proceeded by mapping users’ cognitive journeys.
That helped us to pinpoint and prioritise key pages and processes that needed to be redesigned: from the homepage and search result pages to all the way through the booking process. Also, we’ve helped developers to implement design and user flow changes and guided them to ensure that proper on-site SEO requirements have been met.


Client is happy with the idea and our approach. They praised the high quality of our proposed design and our conversion improvements suggestions. Also, developers were keen to understand logic behind our user experience design decisions and gain insights from that area as well.

Much like the clients, our internal testing has shown increased conversion rates and general user satisfaction. The client is rolling out the implementations in a timely manner and we are following the results and keeping an eye on analytics to make sure that our user experience design, analytics and SEO expertise manifests itself through substantial gains for both client and visitors.


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