Apps, web and mobile sites for world’s largest telecoms

  1. Envisioning and UX design of web, desktop and mobile applications
  2. Created product which turns your mobile device to an intercom station
  3. Special UI makes sure users are informed in real-time for certain security events
  • Client: RealNetworks creates applications that enable people to enjoy digital media on computers and mobile devices.
  • Type: Web apps; Mobile apps; Websites
  • Industry: IT and Telecom; Music and Entertainment


Real is a supplier of digital entertainment solutions to technology companies around the world, including music services and related apps for mobile carriers.

Working with a client as large and as rich in products and services as RealNetworks is always challenging. But through being highly flexible, we’ve successfully accommodated to working with RealNetworks and their partners in several time zones on two continents.

Our work with RealNetworks includes the design and prototyping of next generation music and video delivery services on all major mobile platforms using various technologies – from older WAP and simple HTML protocols to full-blown rich user experiences for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.


With more than 700 million users using RealNetworks content on their mobile devices, it was very important to ensure that we deliver the best possible user experiences through carefully crafted information architecture, visual design and usability services.

We’ve helped envision, design and deliver mobile experiences used by major carriers such as Vodafone and their global partners, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, SFR, A1 Telekom and many others.

Taking into account the specifics of each and every design, form factors and screen resolutions, technical feasibility and future market developments, we’ve been a trusted partner to RealNetworks and their global associates and partners.


Due to NDA, we are not able to disclose more information about the results for each specific project. We can say that both RealNetworks and final users have been happy with the delivered work, UX Passion’s professionalism and ability to execute even the most complex challenges regarding the mobile and web platforms.

We’ve been able to imagine, design and deliver solutions ranging from WAP, standard desktop to all major mobile platforms including some advanced proof-of-concept ideas for the products and approached that would be, eventually, placed on the market years after we’ve had them on our drawing boards.


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