Instafin – financial inclusion and microfinancing solution

  1. Responsive web app that allows full, on-the-field financial operations
  2. Enabling financial inclusion in developing countries like Nigeria
  3. Special optimisation considering low-bandwidth and internet connectivity
  • Client: Oradian brings together tech, finance and economy experts, providing the financial inclusion technology.
  • Type: Responsive web app for smartphones and tablets with powerful back-end system
  • Industry: IT and Telecom; Finance


The idea was to ensure that Instafin becomes the world’s first true Core Microfinance System. Client’s deep understanding of the market and customers enabled Instafin to combine key functionality (administration, security, accounting, loan portfolio management and deposit tracking) with state-of-the-art features in a user-centric and powerful way.
We were presented with a challenge: Support the development team on a daily basis while it was working on its back-end in Scala and come up with a simplified, easy-to-use, easy-to-access solution that would work on all kinds of devices.
We had to do all of this while taking into account that sometimes in developing markets internet connectivity and bandwidth could be a serious problem. We needed to make sure that even users in a developing market will have the best possible user experience given the circumstances.


In line with the changing times and user habits, we completely revamped the product from its foundation, setting portable mobile device use at the core of the user experience.

We dedicated our full-stack developer to ensure that development of application and implementation of our solutions went as smoothly as possible.
Additionally, a team comprised of an information architect, interaction designer, usability expert and UI designer collaborated closely on a daily basis with Oradian’s senior management and product management team to ensure that the process went as smoothly as possible.

We appreciate simplicity and elegance – hence Instafin was built based on those principles. A lot of effort was put into understanding users’ workflows and contexts and then building relevant functionality from these experiences.


Our efforts eased the learning curve for the product, making it more accessible to new users as well as improving productivity for existing ones. We see our cooperation with Oradian and work on Instafin as a long-term project with shared vision and shared success.

Today, Instafin is creating the ecosystem for financial inclusion. Oradian’s philosophy is that technology should be a platform that nurtures both its customers as well as a vibrant third-party marketplace of solution providers. With our user experience and usability expertise we’ve helped design the Oradian Ecosystem to allow management to tailor the features available according to their specific requirements.

Oradian has won several prestigious start-up competitions and ensured financing after our first round of cooperation, most notably from Seedcamp Berlin and Shift Split. Also, its market is growing and the solution is now serving well over 110,000 users, mainly in Africa.


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