Helping Animal Shelters in Daruvar, Osijek and Zagreb

Our way of saying thank you at the end of a great 2011 was to support three dedicated and overstretched animal shelters.

Is there a better way to end the old year and embrace the new than giving a helping hand to those who need it most? We don’t think so!

Animal Shelter in Osijek
Animal Shelter in Osijek

As a part of our UX Passion “Giving Back” initiative, we decided to donate food, vitamins, toys and other things that animal shelters in the Croatian cities of Daruvar, Osijek and Zagreb desperately need to help our four-legged friends.

Antun Debak, Creative Director at UX Passion spoke about the experience of donating to the animal shelters:

It’s a really nice feeling to do something like this which makes you feel even more connected with the animals. Also, we wanted to help spread the word that it’s much better to adopt animals from shelters than buy them from pet shops, breeders or what have you. We’d also like to ask parents who are thinking of buying or adopting pets for their children to consider the implications carefully – it’s nice to have a pet to share your life with it, but it’s also a major responsibility. Animals are not toys, and you can’t leave them like garbage on the street! Love your pets, at least as much as they love you.

Animal Shelter in Osijek

We hope our action will inspire others to help animals, adopt them and give them warm and loving homes.

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