Navigating the Mobile World

WIAD video talk: Navigating the Mobile World

Merlin has more than five years’ experience in designing for mobile devices, so he decided to share a few thoughts on our World IA Day.

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Foraging for creativity

WIAD video talk: Foraging for creativity

What are the sources of creativity and what's the origin? How can we empower ourselves and wake the creativity within us.

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UX Passion portfolio update

UX Passion portfolio update: Spring 2014

It’s that time of year when we share with you a selection of our works from the previous several months. Again, this is not our new clothing line.

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IA - Reality, not a dream

WIAD video talk: IA - Reality, not a dream

For our first World Information Architecture event, we invited the Blagonić Brothers. Enjoy their “IA - reality is not a dream” session.

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Giving back to the things we care about

Kickstarter: Giving back to the things we care about

We are not here just to create stuff. From time to time we like to give back to the community, to people and to the world around us.

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Complete guide to usability

Complete guide to usability: Conclusion

We've covered numerous topics and with this we are finalizing our Usability series. This is our conclusion, and we hope you've enjoyed the series.

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Contextual inquiry

Usability: What is contextual inquiry?

This is a slightly different approach to user testing sessions. It involves you going to the user's location and watching them work.

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Data collection

Usability: Introduction to data collection

You can write down comments about certain tasks, you can rate tasks numerically or you can combine both approaches.

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Interaction with the user

Usability: Interaction with the user – Part 2/2

During the main scenario part your most important goal is to re-create the situation that the user would have had in their "usual" environment.

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