T-HT (Croatian Telecom) - UX and usability education and consulting

About client

Croatian Telekom is part of Deutsche Telekom, one of the world’s largest and most powerful telecommunication companies, with a presence in more than 50 countries worldwide and revenues reaching 58 billion euro. The company provides a wide array of telecommunications services, from telephony to data transmission, Internet and international communications, and is the market leader with nearly 1.3 million landlines, 2.5 million mobile subscribers and 650,000 broadband users.

The Challenge

Attempt to reinvent Croatian Telekom’s internal processes and products from the UX point of view, while at the same time bridging a gap in the UX knowledge of their employees.

The Solution

Coming from fields such as product design, marketing and development, most of the HT staff could identify the problems, but as they lacked a working knowledge of UX principles they could not solve them. In two one-week training sessions they learned the theoretical part of the UX (usability, user-centred design, personas, information architecture, user testing, contextual inquiry, etc.) and then, in a workshop, applied their knowledge to the products that they work with every day.

The Result

Even during the training sessions it was evident that most of the attendees understand the basic UX principles and are able to identify a number of cases in their workplace that could be improved. Of course, one-week of training does not make a UX expert, but it sets the foundation for exploring this field further.