UX Apocalypse – Beginning of a New UX Era

Even if the night of 20.12.2012 were the last one in our lives, what better way of spending it than with your crew and friends?

So, we came up with a small idea: to organize a gathering of all of our UX Passion employees, friends, partners and clients in Zagreb on 20 December in Bistro Lauba.

We so often communicate through online channels only in this industry, so the idea of this event is to get together in real life and be able to chat about a bunch of interesting topics such as user experience, design, music, creativity, entrepreneurship and a lot more.

UX Apocalypse web by @ UX Passion
UX Apocalypse web by @ UX Passion

All of that will be followed by welcoming drinks, a private group tour for all of us at the Lauba Art House, finger food and live acoustic music.

As you can see, we have it all planned out and you only need to show up at our “Apocalypse” event. Of course, entry is free and the first glass of wine is on us! Sounds like an interesting and fun idea for a Thursday night?

UX Passion is more than just a company name. It’s also more than just a handful of people who are leading the company. We are proud of each and every one of our employees, so all of us will be in Bistro Lauba available for a chat with you. Just look out for the UXP badges (hint: pixelated heart) which we will wear on Thursday night.

UX Apocalypse agenda by @ UX Passion
UX Apocalypse agenda by @ UX Passion

The Lauba Bistro and Art House is the place to be on 20th of December! We already sent invitations to all of our clients, partners and friends, but in case you didn’t get yours and you want to take part in this event, we encourage you to drop us a message at [email protected]. Be sure to be quick since we have just few more invitations to our “Apocalypse” party.

Oh, and I’ve almost forgot. Take a look at our UX Apocalypse one-pager website for more information about this event!

Put your work aside for one night and let’s hang out!

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