UX, web design and web development news: Jun 22 – Jun 26

Web design, UX design and web development news that have marked the past week (June 22 - Jun 26) - collected and curated for you by UX Passion team. Our second edition is ready!

We are back in our second week with the bunch of interesting design news and posts we collected around the web. While this week was a bit slower than previous one (We are guessing that summer is kickin’ in), there are still bunch of interesting news to share and things to learn. Enjoy!

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Your weekly overview of UX, web design and web development news

It’s too early to call it a tradition, but here we are in our second issue. This week we covered several stories. We tried to anticipate what artificial intelligence and machine learning will be able to do for us in the near future. While thinking about future, we also explored how possible future collaborative computer interfaces could work as interactive canvases.

With mobile being more and more in focus of our (digital) lives, and with the need for discoverability – search engine optimisation (SEO) for mobile in 2015 was also another interesting resource we found for you. Talking about resources – we found a collection of 100 best typographic tools and related resources.

We were also inspired by Josh Puckett’s nice piece on Medium about using real data in modern design. We got the chance to learne who are teacherpreneurs. They are teachers and entrepreneurs who are here to educate, guide and inspire.

Finally, we are ending our weekly digest with the two interesting articles. We explore changing face of animation and interaction design – and – trying to figure out what is “full-stack” designer. Should you be one?

And this is it for this week! We’ll be back on next Friday, July 3rd with more interesting news and bits for you. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@UXPassion) and like as on our UX Passion Facebook page.

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