Jan Pleho

Passionate about his job and always on the move, Jan brings lots of positive energy, inspiration and creative solutions to the team.

Obsession is usually not a flattering term, but with Jan, things are somewhat different – we’ll say it: Since he was a little kid, Jan was obsessed with technology, in fact, you might go far enough to call him a tech junkie. Today, Jan brings his unique combination of perspectives ranging from arts, poetry and overall perfectionism.

When he’s not UX’n around, Jan is in love with football (yes, that’s soccer for you USA guys and gals), cross-fit, cycling and good old rock music.


Since he discovered his love for UX, Jan’s passion was to land a gig at UX Passion. And so he did – this is Jan’s first full-time job


Information Architecture, Interaction Design, User Experience Design, Usability

Technologies and Tools: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Omnigraffle, Paint.NET, Notepad++


Polytechnic of Zagreb
Bachelor of Computer Engineering


Croatian, Czech, English