Values and Vision

These are our values. They are what we stand for, what we believe in and what we will fight for. This is what makes our hearts beat. We are at our happiest working with people who share these values.

UX Passion Values and Vision

Innovation. We value innovation above all things. It’s the driving force that made man abandon the caves and reach for the stars. To innovate means to take risks. We are building our company by accepting these risks.

Passion. It’s more than just a part of our name. We believe in what we do. We don’t do what we don’t believe in. That’s why we will refuse work if we don’t see that we can deliver the best possible solutions and ideas.

Simplicity. We believe in simplicity. Simplicity is powerful. Simplicity is beautiful. We take pride in questioning and rearchitecturing the status quo. Our job is building better, nicer, simpler experiences. Complicated software is obsolete.

Saying NO. We refuse projects if we don’t see that we can make a meaningful contribution. We are not in this business just for the money. We are here to contribute to the world in an effective way.

Excellence. We don’t settle for anything less and we demand the same from all our partners and employees. It is our duty, our goal and our inner drive to be excellent in whatever we decide to do.

Responsibility. We are in the position to design and influence users’ behaviours and their lives. We are fully aware that this is a huge responsibility. In some cases it can save – or cost – lives.

Respect. We treat our customers and users with respect and we expect the same. We welcome healthy competition and enjoy collaborating with like-minded people. We will never compromise our values, ethics or beliefs in the name of profit.

Challenges. We take nothing for granted. We challenge the accepted thinking. We ask difficult questions. We don’t go with the flow. If we did any of those, we would betray our values and lose our inspiration. We are aggressive in setting our goals and even more aggressive in fulfilling them.

Social responsibility. As service providers we take seriously our obligations towards our clients and partners. We feel no less responsible for the wellbeing of our employees, the environment and the communities we live in. We strive to empower people to realize their potential and help create a better world.

Action. We are active in tackling the issues we care about. We believe in supporting underprivileged communities and building a better future for us all. We are especially interested in youth issues, education, and combating all forms of discrimination.

Acceptance. We strive to provide an excellent working environment. We are a highly tolerant, open and accepting team. We don’t believe in racial, sexual, national or any other divides. All we care about is your passion and integrity, your work ethic and professionalism.

Integrity. The way we deal with people must reflect our values. It is our responsibility to build humane and professional relationships that will empower each and every person touched by UX Passion. Our staff have high levels of integrity and trustworthiness. Their motives are clear and aligned with our values.


Our vision is to touch, inspire and influence; through our ideas, services and products to make the world a better place, pixel by pixel, line of code by line of code, experience by experience. With passion!