Post UX Apocalypse: We’ve survived!

Expertly plucked acoustic guitars, finger food, bunch of our colleagues and partners, some twitter stars and a few surprise guests...

It is often said that the end is near and it has never been more so than during the 2012. To us every end of the world is actually a beginning of a new brave world. An opportunity to gather a bunch of our colleagues, partners, some twitter stars and a few surprise guests in one room. You know, face to face, without any screens in between. UX Apocalypse was born!

Strange concept, we know, but we are renowned for innovative thinking. To make this mingle a bit special, we organised it at newly opened modern art house Lauba.

Special thanks goes to Mario Poje who captured some of the great moments. Check it out, and then go check his portfolio website.

Garnished with some wine, the get together included a guided tour of Lauba’s art collection. You have to learn something new and beautiful every day. It was an opportunity to meet UX Passion crew under one roof and just chat, too.

So, how was it? We had some expertly plucked acoustic guitars, which lead to hips being shaken and other move busting. There was food, too. Smorgasboarded for the ease of talking and snacking.

Today, we just wanted thank you for attending. Thank you for being there, thank you for laughing at our jokes, thank you for pretending not to be bored when we talked about UX experience, design and tech stuff. It was great having you all.

UX passion loves you very much.
Hope you liked the little going away gifts we made you.

We sure enjoy our handmade soaps (touch), notebooks and pens (influence) and all those flavours of homemade liqueurs (inspire). Not every day, mind you.

If your memory of this event is a bit hazy, due to sweet, sweet wine, here is a little video reminder of the great times we had made byour associates led by our Creative Director, Antun Debak who have organised this awesome event for us.

With summer holidays countdown going on and all of the internal growth at our end, we can only promise we will do this again really soon. Soon being right after the holidays, to kill the blues.

Keep your eyes peeled for news on our website and social media channels. There are quite a few things in the chute.

Touch. Inspire. Influence. Live with passion!

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