VIPnet - IPTV usability, information architecture and visual design review

About the client

VIPnet is the first private mobile phone operator in the Croatian market, renown for their innovative service and quality. Owned by Telekom Austria Group, it became part of Vodafone family in 2003, covering over 30 European countries. In June 2011, VIPnet acquired Bnet, one of Croatia’s leading IPTV platforms, hoping to strengthen their market position and challenge the rule of Deutsche Telekom’s IPTV platform in Croatia.

The Challenge

We were asked to perform a wide scale usability research and expert analysis of their newly built IPTV software, identifying possible obstacles for users satisfaction, as well as pain points of their current IPTV experience.

The Solution

Based on our experience envisioning and building television experience of the future – Sidekickr.TV we conducted expert usability review and analysis in two tiers. First was focused on information architecture, interaction design and overall functionality of the system for the end users. Second tier examined visual style, language and metaphors, identifying design flaws and inconsistencies within the user experience.

The Results

During the research phase and data analysis it became evident that many of the issues were correlated, so we presented our findings in a side-by-side layout allowing a 360° view of all of the identified issues within their broader correlations, thus facilitating the solution of specific problems. On top of that, all of the issues were graded by their relative importance, with clearly outlined risks to help the decision makers in prioritization of future upgrades