VIPnet - VIP script subtitle theater app

About the client

Being the first private mobile phone operator, VIPnet is known for their innovative business solutions that often change the game of the entire telecommunication industry in Croatia. Owned by Telekom Austria Group, VIPnet became a Vodafone partner in 2003, spreading their services to 30 countries across Europe.

The Challenge

We were asked to create a real-time subtitling application for Dubrovnik Summer Festival; in particular two shows, Medea and Equinox, which were in high demand. As these shows are performed in Croatian, subtitles needed to be provided in English and contemporary Croatian. Of course, the user experience had to be smooth, easy to use and work equally well on smartphones and tablets.

The Solution

VIP script was envisioned and designed to break down the communication barrier, helping foreign tourists and hearing impaired people understand what is happening on the stage by feeding them real-time subtitles in two languages.

Based on reliable web technologies, such as HTML5, CSS and Java script, VIP script is a server-side, event-driven Node.js real-time web application. All of the subtitles are stored in a MongoDB database working in real-time. Design was responsive, accommodating whichever mobile device the user happened to point at during the show.

The Results

After the shows we received a number of emails, ideas and feedback. Both VIPnet and users were thrilled with the application. There was only one complaint: shows were presented at a coastal venue with a less than perfect internet connection, making it a bit difficult for users. We learnt from the situation and improvements are on their way.

Reception of our application was excellent and we hope that we’ll be able to keep working on it, expanding our database so that we can cover more shows and languages in our traditionally user-centric fashion.