Soccerman - Facebook football manager

About the client

Soccerman is an incredibly simplified online football manager, with each player in the game described only by a value ranging from 1 to 15. Skills such as shooting, passing and stamina are not taken into account. Being simple and really different, Soccerman has found its niche and has a loyal following.

The Challenge

Despite the simplicity of its rules, Soccerman was troubled with usability issues. We were asked to remove the really striking examples of these during the development of a new version of Soccerman.

The Solution

Our involvement was two-fold: find and remove the existing usability issues and make sure the new version had as few issues as possible. Being involved in the process from the beginning, we have had an opportunity to reshape the foundations of the game.

The Result

The new version was released just a few days after our initial assessment and the player community showed a lot of excitement, expressing approval via social media channels.