Score Alarm - Best mobile livescore

About the client

Score Alarm, mobile application for monitoring sporting event results for iPhone and Android devices, is an exemplary startup project. Released in early 2012 it chalked up more than 15000 downloads in record time.

After such a starry launch and a lot of market research and testing, Score Alarm developers decided to change the business models, offering b2b and b2c versions in the next version of the software.

B2b white label was leased to the Croatian Lottery for the Croatian market only, with the launch of the new and improved b2c version of Score Alarm expected sometime mid-2013.

The Challenge

Score Alarm team asked us to perfect their mobile user experience and help create a one-click transfer of betting slips into the system, giving a competitive advantage to betting companies and their users with a unique way to monitor results in real time.

Basically, users would scan the barcode from their betting tickets or enter the codes manually. All events would then be synchronized with the live scores, results tracked in real time and all this information would be sent to users via push notifications.

This means that Score Alarm handles vast amounts of data and events in real time, so our main concern was finding the greatest possible way to present this mountain of “big data” on a small screens of a handheld device.

We needed to subtly include Croatian Lottery branding, too.

The Solution

Starting with the user habits and workflow and then analyzing average betting habits, cross referencing it all with our experiences in sports UX and gamification design allowed us to create a perfect betting beast that at the moment has more than 16000 users who had over 700000 sessions.

User retention of Live Score is more than 50% and that is bearing in mind we are talking about the Croatian market only. Pretty good, we’d say.

The Results

Out of 110 ratings (April 2013.) by registered users, 94 of them were 5/5 and 6 of them were 4/5, regularly placing Score Alarm in the TOP 10 apps. Talking about customer satisfaction! From the download stats and usage patterns we can clearly see that users have not just accepted the app, they’ve fallen in love with it. They are praising simplicity, gorgeous user interface, and wonderful functionalities…

We are happy to see users thrilled and even more pleased to see how superb mobile UX design leads to significant user satisfaction.