Field sales solution

Salespod / Repsly - Field sales solution

About the client

Salespod develops smartphone and tablet software for field marketing operations, such as outside sales, merchandising, lead management and in-store promotions, which are especially suitable for SMBs looking for agile sales management and strong growth.

The Challenge

The goal was to assess the Salespod web solution, starting with trial downloads, as analytics showed an unusually low conversion rate in the early stages of customers’ interaction with the product. For instance, users had to download a mobile app and sign up online (in the desktop environment) for Salespod to work properly, which came across as superfluous and confusing.

The Solution

The real problem lay in a heavy information overload, which users suffered upon starting the application. Most of this information was important, but it was very difficult to take it all in at once. The solution lay in finding the right pace for feeding the information and requests to the user, slowly guiding them into the system and allowing them to adjust to this new environment before bombarding them with new info.

The Result

The Salespod team accepted most of our suggestions on how to improve the first-time experience, both from the information architecture and visual design points of view. Since then many changes have been made to their website, with the conversion rate constantly on the rise.