Modern waste management and ecology

Komunalije Hrgovčić - Modern waste management and ecology

About the Client

Komunalije Hrgovčić is a medium-sized enterprise from Županja, Croatia, founded in 1997 and firmly based on vast international experience gathered in Switzerland by their founder. As one of the local leaders in the arena of waste management, including the management of dangerous waste, cleaning operations, ecological sanitation and dealing with eco-incidents, Komunalije Hrgovčić are looking to stay relevant, innovative and offer the highest service quality.

The Challenge

Build a new and improved version of the website within short deadlines and a tight budget, giving it a new and refreshed look while respecting’s branding elements and brand promise.

The Solution

Presented with those challenges, we envisioned as a simple and effective corporate page powered by an easy to use content management system, such as Process Wire, and a simple layout system. The entire website is written in HTML 5 and tested to ensure it works well in modern-day browsers.

The Result

The new website located at does what it says on the box: it gives users all they need to know about Komunalije Hrgovčić. With a very simple layout, standards-based code and flexible CMS in the background, we’ve delivered what was expected – on time and within budget. As we launched just a few days ago, we are still tracking and observing it to be able to assess its performance.