IBM - Application usability review

About the client

With more than 430.000 employees worldwide, IBM is the world’s leading multinational information technology and consulting company, as well as the second largest firm in the U.S. Since it was founded in 1911. it might seem as an old, slow and obsolete giant, but they currently generate over $105 billion in revenues delivering world’s finest super-computers and other hardware, software and financial solutions.

Seems that Big Blue is getting bigger, smarter and more relevant by the century.

The Challenge

Thousands of employees of Croatian civil service were using an old legacy software system developed by IBM a long time ago. Clearly obsolete, this system had to be overhauled, fixing key usability, ergonomics and design issues, and it all had to be done cost-effectively and efficiently, since there were no funds for a new system.

The Solution

We conducted both user testing and an expert review of the system, though which we identified at least 40 problem areas that could be fixed without redesigning the entire system.

When identifying problem areas were “quick fixes” were possible, we always identified and suggested a potential solution.

The Results

Over 40 problem areas were identified, analyzed and assessed, with specific measures that needed to be implemented. We then presented a proposal with our IBM colleagues to the government ministry in charge and through close cooperation with IBM expert team made sure that proposed measures were within timeframe and budget.

Thanks to tight collaboration between IBM and UX Passion, an old and cumbersome legacy system is now rejuvenated and more user friendly than ever before.