DT - Deutsche Telekom, T-HT (Croatian Telecom) - Usability study

About the client

Croatian Telekom is a part of Deutsche Telekom, one of the world’s largest and most powerful telecommunication companies with presence in more than 50 countries worldwide and revenues reaching up to 58 billion euro. It provides all telecommunications services, from fixed and mobile telephony to data transmission, Internet and international communications and is the market leader with nearly 1.3 million fixed lines, 2.5 million mobile subscribers and 650.000 broadband users.

The Challenge

We were asked to conduct usability testing for Croatian subsidiaries of Deutsche Telekom as a part of coordinated worldwide drive to improve their websites usability and appeal.

To be able to work on this project we had to work with DT expert teams and learn their in-house methodology for user testing and reporting, then figure out the way to exploit our rich experience in the field of telecommunications, gathered on projects for several of world’s leading telecommunication companies.

The Solution

Using DT’s in-house methodology we undertook a series of tests on various parts of their websites with a help of 60 users we drafted for the occasion, gathering a lot of qualitative data through interviews, video recordings and monitoring of user behaviour.

Later analysis of this data clearly exposed most problematic areas of their site, as well as the most user friendly sections.

The Results

It took almost two months of research to create the best strategies for elimination of user “pain points” on the T-HT web, which we later distilled into an actionable set of concrete solutions to be used by local teams and rapidly improve user experience.

Deutsche Telekom as well as Croatian Telekom have both evaluated our action plan and are using it within their broader corporate user and customer satisfaction strategies.