Mobile apps for intercom and security systems

Commend - Mobile apps for intercom and security systems

About the client

Commend develops and manufactures security and communication systems for protection of people, buildings and valuables. Rescue forces, fire brigades, police and various security companies, as well as hospitals and nursing homes rely on their products.

The Challenge

In the field of private security and property protection, timely information can make all the difference, even when it comes down to something as simple as an Intercom Client (IC). Actually, this device marries highly complex functionality and powerful engineering, and we were asked to make it simple to use, effective and highly intuitive. We were also asked to create an error-free user interface that could be used on hundreds of millions of mobile devices worldwide.

The Solution

By teaming an interactive and highly intuitive user interface with an actual numeric keypad, and standard Commend function keys and display, we’ve created a solution that transforms any Android or iOS device into an intercom station.

The Result

Users can operate the intercom station intuitively via touch screen commands. A tap of the finger displays a list of subscribers, opens and manages gates, controls connected devices and equipment, and so much more. It works hand-in-hand with the Commend intercom station and is available as a combo package or a stand-alone application.