University of Denver - 1st USA Presidental Elections Debate (2012)

About the client

Founded in 1864, University of Denver is one of the premier private universities in the US and a home to more than 11000 students from all over the world. It is a home to the first Presidential Elections Debate.

The Challenge

University of Denver asked us to provide the Wall of Tweets for their 2012 US Presidential Debate as a part of a rich multimedia and social networks supposed to expand participation in the debate and attract as many people as possible.

The Solution

Heated atmosphere of the US elections in 2012 made us anticipate an avalanche of tweets, so to be able to sustain functionality during the peak hours we had to build an enterprise grade system.

There were 10.3 million tweets in 90 minutes of the debate, setting a new communication record for political events. The system worked well and we managed to survive the onslaught, making us proud to have created a solution that handles world’s most demanding data and visual representations in real time.

The Results

Denver team did an incredible job curating those 10.3 million tweets and succeeded in opening and exploiting the advantages of a new social communication channel, allowing participation in the debate to every interested member of the audience. This event increased University of Denver’s social media presence and created a powerful and memorable experience for all of the participants.