Our design process is divided into three steps – or pillars – of the process. We keep it simple, lean and effective. It’s been proven in practice, and alongside the process we’ve developed a design framework suitable for all our design-related needs. Project planning, deliverables, implementation, budgeting – we’ve covered it all. We are often invited to talk and teach about our process at other design organisations.

UX Passion - Process


Simplicity and clarity of vision are necessary conditions for every project to succeed. Our envisioning phase sets the stage for this.

We begin by analysing your needs, business and other requirements; we set up the team and define the scope of the project.

At the outset, we gather ideas from the whole team. Designers, developers, strategic thinkers… Pooling our thoughts gives innovative lift to our designs.

It can be as simple as a landing page or as complex as a complete service redesign. We start on the same solid foundations to ensure success.


After we’ve gained valuable insights from the Envisioning phase we are ready to start developing the idea. Choosing the right approach and designing the most people-friendly product or service is the essence of this phase.

We test our concepts and ideas constantly and improve on them over many iterations. The whole team is involved. Our software developers check our concepts for feasibility and efficiency. Our usability folk are on the beat for UX crimes. Throughout the process, our creative team makes sure our solutions are fresh, powerful and original.

Everything is documented. The results of our work are distributed to and discussed with all relevant stakeholders. We work in close unison with you, keeping you informed on progress. We are here to advise you and bring your ideas to life. You, however, have control.


The final step in our design process culminates with the release and deployment or distribution of the solution, along with documentation, support and training plans if needed. But our relationship does not end here.

We are here to support you throughout the entire implementation process and beyond, by constantly monitoring and proactively supporting you and your business.