Usability Services

Usability studies serve several purposes. The most important is to evaluate or measure your users’ overall experience and levels of satisfaction. We employ a number of different methods and approaches to suit our clients’ purposes.

Usability as a discipline is at the heart of every stage of our process. It’s not something that we tack on at the end of a project. However, we are often asked to conduct usability reviews and testing of existing solutions for our clients. Then we come up with practical recommendations based on our expert or user–based testing and research.

UX Passion - Usability Services

The result is a highly condensed, valuable and practical set of findings with advice, concrete implementation guidelines and predictions of how the proposed changes will affect users and the system itself.

To make sure that we understand the context and the ways in which users work with products, we dig deep to learn about users, their culture, expectations and backgrounds. That’s the backbone of our user interviews and recruitment.

Thanks to our global network and partnerships, we can conduct usability testing and research pretty much anywhere in the world.