Don’t believe anyone who calls SEO “fairy dust”. Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is not omnipotent, and it can’t guarantee to propel your website to the top spot on the Google search results page. But it can help a lot!

We see SEO as an integral part of the user experience, and that’s why we create content and websites that are first and foremost optimised for people. Google might be able to bring you visitors, but if all they find on your website is a bunch of keywords and irrelevant content, that visit will certainly not be valuable.

UX Passion - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

However, SEO goes hand in hand with quality content, proper coding and metadata tagging. We employ various analytical methods and tools to learn about your current position as regards SEO, and come up with solutions to enhance your standing.

And yes, we can guarantee you first place on Google – but you need a little help from AdWords for that ☺. We can also help you optimise for search on LinkedIn (LSO).