Free video series "Principles of design: Emphasis"

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Emphasis is one of the design principles. It is also known as dominance, focal point or area in a room’s decor. This new video from Principles of design (for developers) series will explain you what is emphasis, how to achieve it and create it in Expression Design. Enjoy it!

Emphasis – intro

According to Wikipedia – Emphasis, as a design principle deals with areas of interest. Guides the eye into through and out of the image through the use of sequence of various levels of focal points, primary focal point, secondary, tertiary, etc. Emphasis hierarchy may give direction and organization to a design, and avoid subconscious confusion to sometimes improve the design’s (like a house) visual appeal and style.

Emphasis hierarchy or focus is not giving each object (like a bed or curtain) in a project (like a bedroom decor) equal dominance. Emphasis or dominance of an object can be increased by making the object larger, more sophisticated, more ornate, by placing it in the foreground, or standout visually more than other objects in a project. The primary focus point or area receives the largest emphasis in a room. Emphasis hierarchy avoids style confusion.

And now, Arturo Toledo, my colleague from Microsoft is explaining emphasis as a design principle in his video.

Design principles: Emphasis (Dominance, Focal point…)

More information and alternatives

If you want Windows Media Video (WMV) file of this lesson – you can get it from here (take into account that it is about 36Mb ) and in case you want to play with assets that have been used in this video you can get all required assets here.

All videos that are part of this “Principles of design” series will be published under UX concepts category on blog.

Comments (5)

  1. Thanks for the informational video, I’m always looking for ways to show my students the elements and principles of design. I teach digital graphic arts and fashion design.

    • Thank you for your comment. Please do let me know if there are any other materials you would like to see here and if they can help you in your teaching efforts!

  2. Free video series Principles of design: Emphasis

  3. It has been quite interesting time to read this article at least i have knowledge of what symmetry and asymmetry is all about.

  4. It has been good time to read and learn about symmetry and asymmetry thax for the article:-)


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