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UX, web design and web development news: Vol 1

Web design, UX design and web development news that have marked the past week (June 15 - Jun 21) - collected and curated for you by UX Passion team. This is our very first edition.

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How to tell clients they are wrong

How to tell clients they are wrong and keep their business

If you work in the service industry and thus have to deal with clients or customers, this question has crossed your mind. I’ve personally been in situations where what the client was asking didn’t really make any sense.

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What Entrepreneurship (Re)Taught Me

My life has changed dramatically since I co-founded this company, but time has come and I made probably the biggest decision in my career so far: to leave UX Passion, where I served as Creative Director.

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No one wants to use your product!

WIAD video talk: No one wants to use your product!

Sometimes the solution to the problem is a smart tool, sometimes it’s a dumb tool which just helps us get the job done. But what’s next? Goran Peuc will explain you in the detail why no one wants to use your product.

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The Container Model

WIAD video talk: The Container Model

Konstantin comes from Swiss-based company iA which has been developing a container model approach for use when designing websites.

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Navigating the Mobile World

WIAD video talk: Navigating the Mobile World

Merlin has more than five years’ experience in designing for mobile devices, so he decided to share a few thoughts on our World IA Day.

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Foraging for creativity

WIAD video talk: Foraging for creativity

What are the sources of creativity and what's the origin? How can we empower ourselves and wake the creativity within us.

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UX Passion portfolio update

UX Passion portfolio update: Spring 2014

It’s that time of year when we share with you a selection of our works from the previous several months. Again, this is not our new clothing line.

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IA - Reality, not a dream

WIAD video talk: IA - Reality, not a dream

For our first World Information Architecture event, we invited the Blagonić Brothers. Enjoy their “IA - reality is not a dream” session.

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