UX Passion is a company now!

We are proud and happy to announce publicly that UX Passion is a company now! UX Passion is a full service UX design and usability firm with global reach.

Dear visitor: Please keep in mind that this post is originally from Vibor Cipan's personal blog, the name of which we eventually adopted as our company name together with its conveniently-named URL. We're keeping the posts on our official company blog for all the subscribers to Vibor's blog who have read and commented on his previous posts. Please be aware that this post represents Vibor's personal thinking few years ago and doesn't necessarily represent the opinions of the UX Passion as a company today. 

We envision, design and deliver the greatest user and service experiences. With passion! We are packed with passionate individuals and today we are sharing this exciting news with all of you!

On May 19th, as the future CEO, I was happy, proud and excited to share the news that FatDUX Zagreb is leaving FatDUX Group and that three of its founders – Antun Debak, Darko Čengija and I – will form a new company.

Today is the date when, again, I’m really happy and excited to share the news that we’ve successfully completed the transition and we are now working under the UX Passion brand.

UX Passion is a brand present on the market since August 8th 2008 – it started as a personal blog and over the course of time it has grown to be a significant resource for all things Silverlight, WPF, design and UX in general. With days reaching over 20 000 visitors to the site, we wanted to explore the possibilities ahead of us.

When we left the FatDUX Group we were inspired by Bertrand Russell’s quote:

Freedom in general may be defined as the absence of obstacles to the realization of desire.

Well, our desire to grow and develop an honest, genuine, design-driven and open-minded culture filled with tolerance and mutual respect was our main motivation to start something new. Our passion for design, users and innovation simply needed more space and challenges than we were able to have before. We have always been a team of strong individuals with voices that wanted to be heard and listened to. UX Passion is THE right place for us to live, grow and share our common values.

UX Passion website in the making...

UX Passion website in the making...

Today, after all the legalities have been solved, we are in our new offices in Zagreb, Croatia, working with clients on all inhabited continents, sharing our passion for great user experiences on all major platforms.

Future of the blog

As a blog, UX Passion.com will be transformed into our company website before the end of summer. We hate long, boring, unnecessarily complicated procedures that have been put in place just to have self-serving self-importance. That’s the reason why we wanted to share with you our plans as early as possible. Our new website will keep this blog as its integral part but it will also provide you with information about our services (user experience, information architecture, usability, content strategy, software development and consulting), products, our work – and we will also build a place for experiments, research and a testing ground to showcase new ideas, approaches and technologies.

For you, our current readers, that means that means this blog will be more often updated, you’ll get a bunch of new articles and resources to help you learn about and share knowledge related to all things user experience. We are working on a sandbox – a lab part of the company where we will showcase new technologies, ideas and approaches – and share our experiences with you. All in all – great times ahead – we are confident that by taking this brand we will empower you even more so and that you, our readers and friends, will benefit greatly from this transformation.

Future of the company

As a company, our business and design philosophy will stay the same – powerful simplicity. The only difference is that now we can share it and live this philosophy without any artificial, enforced limitations.

All our existing clients have been informed about this change. In general, we are changing the name and brand and, as I’ve said, for the first time we have the freedom to fully exercise our values, business and design philosophy. It is difficult to describe how excited we all are about this change.

One thing that I must say at this point is that I feel so humbled by all the support we’ve received from UX colleagues, clients, partners and friends. It is something that has given us enormous strength in the days that have followed our split from the “collective”. All of us here at UX Passion have been deeply moved and humbled by that. Thank you for that!

Let’s connect!

Here’s some practical info how to connect to us and stay in touch:

UX Passion is now on Twitter. You should definitely follow us there (@UXPassion). Also, be sure to check us on Facebook page and like us there :)

UX Passion founders: Antun Debak, Vibor Cipan and Darko Čengija

UX Passion founders: Antun Debak, Vibor Cipan and Darko Čengija

You can reach the UX Passion leadership team by sending an email to:

  • Vibor Cipan (CEO) – vibor AT uxpassion DOT com
  • Antun Debak (Creative Director) – antun AT uxpassion DOT com
  • Darko Čengija (Information Architect) – darko AT uxpassion DOT com

And, yes, we are all on Twitter as well so – go ahead and follow us: @adebak, @darkoche and @viborc

Connect with us, stay tuned and we will share all our day-to-day news and events with you regarding the new website and this transformation.


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