Office 2010 new packaging and icons revealed

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New Office 2010 will be released during the June 2010 – at least that’s what Microsoft is telling us now. CTP has been out for a while, beta version is now out as well, and now polish website CentrumXP is reporting that Office 2010 new box art has been released. And here are the boxshots and new icons.

New Office 2010 boxshots

Polish site CentrumXP is already famous for some boxshot imagery leaks – you might remember Windows 7 box art being leaked by them as well during the May. Since I was employed by Microsoft at that time I haven’t been really able to comment publicly whether those images were real or not. Today, however, I can join in the sweet and juicy life of speculations…

Joking aside – imagery looks real and my impression is that it looks really fresh. Office colors are here – orange is prevalent and the box with the rounded corner is here ever since Windows Vista era. I have number of boxes from different Microsoft products all sporting this design – Vista, Expression Studio and they look neat.

Also, I’m familiar with the Microsoft’s efforts to create those boxes from eco and environmental friendly materials. So, thumbs up for those efforts.

All boxes are mostly orange except for Office Professional Academic 2010 sporting the grayish shades. It is looking pretty nice and professional in my opinion, as well.

Office Home and Business 2010

Office Home and Business 2010

Office Home and Student 2010

Office Home and Student 2010

Office Professional 2010

Office Professional 2010

Office Professional Academic 2010

Office Professional Academic 2010

Apart from this news, Microsoft has said that over 1 million Office 2010 beta downloads has been recorded. Nice count – and a solid sign that market might be ready for new Office suite. You can also download free Office 2010 beta from here.

You can also take a look at the Office 2010 screenshot gallery (CTP).

New Office 2010 icons

New boxshots are not the only new thing – there are also new product icons… They are also continuing the Office 2007 tradition of having icons with rounded corner. Overall, they look nice and colors seem to be a bit more vivid. However, looking at new Office 2010 icons and the older ones from the Office 2007 I still find those from the Office 2007 to be more professional looking to me. Again, this is just my private opinion, and you are free to share yours in the comments section.

Office 2010 new product icons

Office 2010 new product icons

And yes, black sheep of the family is the Communicator icon. Maybe we will see its new version by the time Office 2010 is released to the general public. And again, I’m citing the Microsoft – it is expected to happen during in the first half of 2010 – June looking like likely target. Also, Office 2010 will be available both as 32-bit and 64-bit software.

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  1. Wow, hope no colorblind folks regularly use Powerpoint, Publisher, and Project. Guess they need an ADA compliance person.

    • Interesting point – are you referring to the GUI colors or something else?


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