New Microsoft .NET logo and branding

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Just few days before PDC 2008 and bunch of new things to be announced there, Microsoft has announced new Microsoft .NET logos and branding. First Microsoft .NET logo was designed back then in 2000 and since then, things changed for .NET and Microsoft too.

Team has decided that it is a great time to bring on new logos and new branding. Why new stuff, you might go and ask yourself?

Well, previously Microsoft .NET logo was considered as addition to large varieties of products and services and somewhat was considered as suffix to those. But nowadays, when .NET is considered as something bigger in whole story and is aligned with its key values like consistency, robustness and great user experiences, it was time for new logos and branding.

New Microsoft .NET logo - vertical version

New Microsoft .NET logo - vertical version

At first look you might notice similarities to logos of Silverlight and Live Mesh and maybe, somewhat to one of Surface. And I bet that was intention because now this logo implies that .NET is most strongly aligned with: Silverlight, Visual Studio and other products.

New Microsoft .NET logo - horizonatal version

New Microsoft .NET logo - horizonatal version

Bluish part of logo (wave) is simple and strong and sure does resemble capital letter N so it will be instantly recognizable in near future.

I guess that Microsoft will soon publish more detailed guidelines for new logos and branding so start thinking about updating all your websites, presentations and other places where you have been using “old” logo.

And yes, as always feel free to share your feelings about new Microsoft .NET logo in comments.

Comments (6)

  1. good , looking nice

  2. Not strong.
    Not enough….
    looks light…

  3. what is .NET in visual studio.NET…… it Network Enabled Technology or Network Enterprise Tool……..i’m confused……..plz help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……….

  4. @Vijay: .NET, as far as I know, is not an acronym so therefore it has no specific meaning. I guess it .NET as name was used to somewhat indicate future direction and shift towards interNET, NETworks and maybe some other concpets like that. But then again, I am note really sure. I will investigate this and let you know if I find anything cool on this question!

  5. The logo in blue looks cool and eye pleasing

  6. Liking the subtle styled ‘N’! To me, it looks like a river made of sine waves. And yes, sits very nicely with Silverlight, etc. Good job!