How to turn Bing background images off (and on, again)

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Sometime ago I’ve explained how to enable and show images on Live Search home page. Now when Live Search has gone and we are dealing with Bing, you have nice images every day by default – but how would you go and turn them off and on again? It’s not like I want to do that, but I thought it would be an interesting idea to share.

So, let’s suppose you are on slow Internet connection and you want to use Bing but without it’s usually cool and nice background image.
So here is how to do it.

To turn the Bing background images off, click on:

To turn the Bing images on, click on:

Simple as that, isn’t it?

And one more tip – if you are outside United States you might not be able to see all Bing features (and there are quite some). In order to get access to them even if you do not live in United States, go to and select United States – English. That will also enable you to go through history and see earlier posted images. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

And there is one more thing you might find new – Bing has different images for visitors from United States and for the rest of us.

Comments (11)

  1. Is there any way to make the bing daily image automatically your desktop wallpaper?

  2. Thanks the frickin images were making me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. did not work for me, still can not see background image nor any other images on bing

  4. I would like to know if BING would allow users to put there own images on the background like Google used to. They stopped that a while back, and now will not longer allow users to have their own background images on their search engine, which is the reason I switched to BING. Okay that wasn’t the only reason. It was the one that pushed me over the edge with GOOGLE.

  5. Vibor,

    Thanks for providing the information to solve the problem I was facing.

    All’s well now,


  6. My BING images don’t show at all. When I clicked your link above for “Turn Bing images on” – the screen stayed blank. Is there another way to get the images? I have Windows 7 and use Foxfire and Internet Explorer search engines.

  7. I very much like having Bing now but I have been trying to figure out how to have the image of the day come on without all the other stuff; ie, the up and down arrow to tell about current happenings and the tool bars. I’d like to turn on the Internet and have Bing’s photo show up all by itself. Is that possible?

  8. didn’t work

  9. I am no longer able to view the photo posted daily when I visit BING.COM. This is a recent change. I am on a MACBOOK running 10.6.8 using SAFARI as my browser.

    Thank you.


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