Darko Čengija

Darko is Chief Information Architect and one of the UX Passion founders.

As a physicist with a natural talent for logic and harmony, he describes his work as “bringing order to chaos” – and clients seem to appreciate that. His background is in content development and business training. Today he is the guy with coolest job title in UX Passion – CIA. He enjoys spending his free time on a bike, listening to music or exploring world languages and alphabets. He has even created his own language.


Poslovna učionica, Croatia
Trainer and Consultant
Professional Services and Training

Microsoft, Croatia
Student Partners Lead, Partners in Learning Programme Associate, Tech Presenter

Adacta, Croatia
Junior Consultant (Microsoft Dynamics)

CroEos.net Scientific Web Portal, Croatia
Content Manager and Editor
Science and Education


User Experience Design, Service Design, Customer Experience, User Interface Design, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Usability, Content Development, Content Strategy, Product Strategy, Business Strategy

Education and Awards

University of Zagreb
BSc Physics

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Center
Certified Master Practitioner

Finalist in Croatian and regional Imagine Cup User Experience Design competition 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 (TOP 30 Worldwide)


Croatian, English, German