The core team members of UX Passion have been working together since 2005. Working for clients like Microsoft, the Project Management Institute (Zagreb chapter) and many others, the team has worked in fields such as project management, content development, web and graphic design and consulting.

Early in 2008, our CEO Vibor joined Microsoft’s largest development centre in Europe, the Microsoft Development Centre Copenhagen, where he worked as part of a stellar user experience team and was trained in a variety of disciplines. Darko and Antun stayed in Croatia, involved in numerous other projects.

UX Passion founders - Antun Debak, Vibor Cipan, Darko Čengija

UX Passion founders - Antun Debak, Vibor Cipan, Darko Čengija

Vibor was looking to return to Croatia and pool his experience with Antun’s and Darko’s to build a world class user experience team.

In the beginning the team worked under the FatDUX brand and established the FatDUX Zagreb office – the fastest-growing and technically most capable FatDUX office. Our team worked completely independently on projects covering all inhabited continents, building a strong customer and client base.

In May 2011, the Zagreb team left the FatDUX group, inspired by these words:

Freedom in general may be defined as the absence of obstacles to the realization of desire
- George Bernard Shaw

and started a thrilling journey, completely empowered to bring to life their vision of the ideal UX firm.

Many successes followed: new agreements with major clients, the global popularity of Wall of Tweets, investor interest in our team, hiring and partnering with dozens of other talented individuals, and a very strong pipeline of products and services.

Today, UX Passion exists to fulfil our vision and live our values.