Giving Back

We’re happy to be in the position to envision, design and implement great user experiences all over the world. Because of that, we feel the need to give back and support valuable efforts in our communities.

We are keen on supporting young talent, students, NGOs and citizen-driven initiatives. We put a special emphasis on helping young people reach their full potential, encouraging critical and alternative ways of thinking, supporting alternative music and arts, non-mainstream sports (including eXtreme sports), the DIY ethic, human and animal rights and ecology.

UX Passion - Giving Back

We usually pick causes we want to support ourselves, but if you think you are someone (or you know someone) who deserves our recognition and support, please let us know by sending us a Giving back” email right now.

We don’t only give money to support your cause – we can also support you by designing a great app or web site for you, helping you out with your social media strategy, or by supporting you with practically any service or product that we have in our portfolio.

We’ve supported:

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