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* We'd like to help with your project. Please, let us know a bit more about it: What is it, how do you think we can help you out and anything that you think is relevant. You can't be too detailed.

** While we do appreciate differences our clients bring in with each and every project, we have a policy of not working with military / army organizations, political parties / politicians and meat producers. Thank You for understanding.


* Elaborate your needs, give us an idea what would you do if we are able to support you and how do you see our cooperation.


About - Contact Us -  LocationWhere you can find us

If you’re nearby, let us know and you’re welcome to have a coffee, tea or beer with us. We like meeting new people! We also like eating cookies, and sometimes can be quite generous with them. Beneath the map are directions so you can reach us.

About - Contact Us - PlaneBy Plane

  1. Locate Croatia on globe. (North Mediterranean, just east of Italy).
  2. Purchase plane ticket to capital city, Zagreb.
  3. Arrive.
  4. See below for further instructions.

About > Contact Us > TrainBy Train

  1. Purchase ticket to Zagreb.
  2. Transport self to aforementioned city.
  3. On arrival, take tram or taxi (see below).

About - Contact Us  - BusBy Bus

Buses arrive in Zagreb from all inhabited places on the planet, including Zagreb Airport.
Trams that stop outside the bus station take you right to our doorstep (see below).

About > Contact Us > TramBy Tram

We’re a few minutes walk from the Kvaternikov trg (Kvatrić) tram stop in northeast Zagreb.

  • From Zagreb’s main railway station, take tram no. 4 towards Dubec.
  • From the city square (Trg bana Josipa Jelačića), take tram no. 11 (Dubec) or 12 (Dubrava).
  • From the main bus station, take tram no. 5 to Maksimir, or 7 to Dubrava.

Buy a ticket (12 kuna) from news kiosks or ticket offices at main tram terminals. You can ride in one direction for 90 minutes, including changes.

About > Contact Us > TaxiBy Taxi

We love Eko Taxi: +385 60 7777, they mostly use fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles.

About - Contact Us - CarBy Car

There are some parking spaces on Horvatovac in front of our design agency studio and we can accommodate several cars. Or try the parking garage at Gorica or Kvaternikov trg.

About > Contact Us > Shank's ponyShanks’s pony

Those not afraid of fresh air and exercise will enjoy a stroll along Horvatovac, just north of the Kvaternikov trg, and after meeting with us you might want to explore Maksimir, the enormous park nearby.