We are hiring! We can’t grow and deliver exceptional user experiences without great and passionate employees. We’d like to hear from you – to learn from you and to work with you. If you feel the same then you should check out our current openings and apply.

Careers - We are hiring!

A number of ways to work with us are usually available: full-timers, part-timers, freelance associates… And we need the full range of talents – Visual Design, Information Architecture, Research & Development, Business Development and Software Development.

Learn more about our current vacancies or get in touch with some of our employees so that you can learn more about our working culture, the benefits of working with us and anything else you’d like to know. At the end, feel free to send us an e-mail.

Visual and User Interface Designers

We are looking for someone who is deeply into visual design and has a strong design ethos; someone who is open and ready for new challenges on a daily basis.

You must be highly focused and have a strong attention to detail. You must know how to defend and explain your design decisions since we take nothing for granted.

We are working with large clients from all over the world, therefore knowledge of English is a must.

We use visual design to communicate our clients’ messages and brands on mobile, web and desktop platforms. You’ll see us designing web sites based on standards and CMS platforms like WordPress and technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. We are also here to design apps and give heart and soul to our client’s solutions and products.

We are also into:

  • experience design for mobile devices
  • new gen tablet user experience design and development (iPad, Android tablets…)
  • and last, but not least, astonishing visual and interactive interfaces for a wide spectrum of web and hybrid apps

So, if you have visual design experience and words like “designing for the future” get your pulse racing, we’d love to hear from you.

Ideally, you should be familiar with most of Adobe tools. Naturally, we put emphasis to Photoshop and Illustrator, but since visual design and user interface design is often spanning across different media and covers wide spectrum, knowledge of other tools is preferable. Design workflows are here with reason, just like those tools are and they are here to help you improve your workflow and enrich your and our user’s experiences.

If you lack some of the experience we’ve listed, don’t worry. We have a team of experienced people who’d be happy to explain to you our design and visual communications process on different platforms. And since we are passionate about our own brand and values, you’ll be certainly invited to help us build and empower our own brand and visual presentation of the agency. And since we are always on the go and looking for challenges even inside the team, you’ll get the chance to participate and develop our internal projects – some might have commercial potential, some are just our pet projects but all of them are filled with passion and constant desire to improve and deliver.

We expect a portfolio, so be sure to be creative and showcase your best work because that’s our first filter before we call you for an interview.

Finally, be yourself, be genuine.

Information Architects

You are here to bring order to chaos, to find logical relationships, to be a dedicated advocate of usability, and to deeply understand user needs and business requirements and turn them into blueprints for designing and developing wonderful user experiences. In other words, you are our next information architect.

Our clients will rely on your ability to understand their needs and create wireframes and specifications. You’ll work directly with our Chief Information Architect and closely with other members of the user experience team. Often, you’ll be in a position to talk with project stakeholders and, given our international business presence, you’ll be exposed to a variety of business styles and cultures. Therefore, just like in all our positions, fluent English is a must.

You’ll also have a strong desire to learn. You can work independently and are happy to learn as you go along. A working knowledge of ideas and concepts from user experience, information architecture, interaction design and usability is a must-have. Don’t worry if you are not expert in all of these things – we just need to you know about them and the relationships between them.

Experience in designing and developing websites and mobile apps is great. Experience with prototyping and diagramming tools like Visio, Indigo Studio, Balzamiq or Axure is a big plus as well, as is experience with social media of all kinds.

So, care to change the world with us? Send us your CV and a brief letter telling us what cranks your engine!

Web Developers

People who make our and our client’s dreams come true. It’s not about the code you write, it’s about the story you’ll tell, about meaningful and passionate contribution you’ll make, lives you’ll affect and change.

We start with HTML5, CSS and JS as well. We expect that LESS or SASS are not just some strange sounding words but rather you can debate with us which one of those you’d use for the next project. Of course, you play nicely with different grid systems, jQuery and frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap or ZURB Foundation.

Your love for responsive web and mobile design is as pure and clean as your code that’s based on web standards. Talking about standards – you are perfectly aware that different browsers have different implementations, and you are able to quickly and swiftly hack those challenges and build platform / browser independent solutions.

Of course, good part of great user experience comes from great performances. You’ll be able to optimize images, think about loading speed, rendering effects and make decisions if you are going to rely on CSS transitions and animations or you’d go JavaScript / jQuery way… And then you’ll like to have your production code nice, nifty and, you know the word, minified.

Ideally, Photoshop and to some extent Illustrator are not strangers to you, you are able to slice and prepare graphical assets and work closely with our creative. Retina-enabled assets? Sure, why not; it’s part of your nice manners. Bonus points if you have some experience with PHP, WordPress, REST API, Node.js.

And most of all, you’ll be here with passion and you’ll be here not becuase this is just another working opportunity but this is invitation to make and create things that matter and to take personal pride in building something that will be used and touched by other living beings.

Ready to take our test and accept the challenge?